July 12, 2022

Brainstorming area collecting projects and challenges on open weather data


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Past events

#opendataday 2022

March 5 - 13, 2022 Bern, Switzerland

Open information sources for peaceful solutions and humanitarian response

Green Data Now!

February 5, 2022 Online

Let's jam with open data science & hack the 🌍 đŸ”„

Open Education Days

April 24, 2021 Virtual

A gallery of P5.js examples, for the [Open Education Days workshop](https://openeducationday.ch/programm-2021/spielerisch-experimentell-2d-grafikprogrammierung-und-animation-kennenlernen) "2D-Grafikprogrammierung und -Animation: Spielerisch-experimentell kennenlernen"

ORD Hackathon

January 18 - 20, 2021 Virtual

Unofficial mirror of the ORD Hackathon 2021. For more information, visit [forum thread](https://forum.opendata.ch/t/18-20-1-open-research-data/745/2) and the official website: [ord-hackathon.ch](https://www.ord-hackathon.ch/)

Monitoring COVID-19 effects

March 18 - 24, 2020 #covid19mon

<hi>Let's set up a monitoring of the societal response to the Covid-19 epidemic and the actions of the authorities! đŸ€ž</hi> _If you would like to contribute to making data and analysis on the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic visible, we would be happy to hear from you. We will support you with data, advice and action. This is a continuously developing hackathon initiated by Statistik Kt. ZĂŒrich and the Swiss open data community. We are counting on your support._ **Infos, data and more:** [@opendatazh](https://twitter.com/opendatazh) / [@opendatazurich](https://twitter.com/opendatazurich) / [@opendatabs](https://twitter.com/opendatabs) / [@opendataswiss](https://twitter.com/opendataswiss) / [@opendatach](https://twitter.com/opendatach)

Multilingual Media

February 21 - 22, 2020 Bern

On Feb. 21 and 22, Switzerland’s first Multilingual Media Hackathon took place in Bern at the newsroom of SWI swissinfo.ch, the international service of the Swiss public broadcaster SRG-SSR. **Many thanks to all involved!** There is [documentation](https://db.schoolofdata.ch/event/4) here, live streamed [presentations](https://youtu.be/8-FmarNlxgA) (YouTube), and commentary on [social media](https://twitter.com/hashtag/swihack) (Twitter) to explore. For more details, [visit our website](https://swihack.ch).

Hack den Unterricht! 2019

November 6, 2019 Bern

Das Ziel des PHBern-Hackathons ist es zusammen mit Studierenden und Dozierenden verschiedene Materialien fĂŒr einen innovativen, fĂ€cherĂŒbergreifenden Informatikunterricht zu entwickeln. Gleichgesinnte finden sich vor Ort in Projektteams zusammen, um innerhalb von sieben Stunden eine Idee prototypisch umzusetzen und am Ende der Veranstaltung zu prĂ€sentieren. –> [Anmeldung auf phbern.ch möglich](http://phbern.ch/hack-den-unterricht)

Smart Transparency

March 28 - 31, 2019 Messe Zurich

[Opendata.ch](https://opendata.ch) was a guest presenter in the Smart Transparency zone at [Criterion 2019](https://criterion.ch), a festival at Messe ZĂŒrich dedicated to sustainable design and business models. Here you can find information on community projects that were showcased by the [Cividi](https://cividi.ch/en) team at the Open Data stand. Visit [our blog post](https://cividi.be/blog/en/2019-04-26) and [the forum](https://forum.opendata.ch/t/28-31-07-criterion-ch/529) for further impressions.

@OD_ACal 2018

December 1 - 24, 2018 Open Data Advent Cal

This is a collection of Linked Data queries, posted in the form of a festive calendar during December 2018 by the Swiss open data community. Visit [this Twitter account](https://twitter.com/OD_ACal) for more, or read [this forum thread](https://forum.schoolofdata.ch/t/roots-branches-leaves-and-sunlight/485/23) or Oleg's [blog post](https://blog.datalets.ch/049/) for additional background.