This page details the requirements of projects as they progress through stages of development.
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🚧 Define questions to answer with data about issues that matter.

  • Your questions hint at what data will be needed, helping to scope the project.
  • Acquiring data to meet the challenge is realistic within our time limits.


👪 Collecting resources together in a shared space.

  • Our team members have agreed to work together for the duration of the event.
  • We are obtaining data, and sharing it in a space accessible to everyone.


⚗️ Scoping of data collection and prototyping strategy.

  • Check the metadata and context of your data, the credibility of your sources.
  • A shared repository has been set up, your work on code and data is backed up.


🎨 Evaluating and explaining to fellow humans.

  • Annotate key datasets to explain your understanding of the structure and content.
  • Make wireframes or sketches of your idea, attaching it here as an image.


🐣 Efforts to improve the quality of the output.

  • We have checked the rights / licenses / permissions to use all assets, data, and code.
  • Link any third-party resources, data schema or code frameworks in your documentation.


🎈 Gaining insights on the problem defined in the beginning.

  • Gain more depth by exploring data with visualisations and interfaces.
  • While correlating and linking data fields, we are critical of causality.
  • Contact with the maintainers is possible to ask questions or send feedback.


🚀 Thinking about audience and making the results public.

  • The full results of this work have been showcased and published under an open license.
  • The necessary infrastructure for hosting is available, and can be maintained.
  • We have correctly attributed all sources, and thanked all contributors.