Art is Vital

The role of the humanities in humanitarian aid cannot be understated - translating, writing, painting, comedy, memes - they all have a part in creating safe spaces, helping to overcome trauma and find our way back to peace, through the power of compassion, spirituality, and emotion. Art needs rules, art has no borders, art is data.

Displaced Persons

Thousands of people flood out of conflict zones, many children, the old and unwell, those with and without means - the innocent and the guilty - people of all backgrounds, genders and races. Demand and support official refugee efforts while establishing mechanisms to welcome and support all displaced people with respect.


Support fact checking. Respond to journalist requests. Channel rationality while allowing for the need to grieve and even panic in the face of tragedy.


“We justify our conduct; we judge the conduct of others.”—Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars. Track the costs, impacts and consequences of sanctions as an economic and political response to aggression.

#opendataday 2022