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Nota Bene

As a member of the European digital society, concerned about conflict recently flaring up close to home - you may be wondering if and how you can play a role. Some of us are being driven towards engaging in hostile actions, using the Internet as a battleground. Others make more subtle efforts, trying to work their social connections, or sending money and support to organizations they feel to be in need. The most important thing is not to panic, choose your sources carefully, stick to verifiable data and facts. This is not the time to be silent. This is not the time to try to crawl out of our skins to desperately "fix things". Things have been very broken for a long time. If now is the moment when we can open our minds, if we can finally find the courage to help the needy, then let us DO IT NOW.

Add any worthwhile projects, and use the forum to share opinions. Keep in mind that everything being written here is public and indexed by search engines. Be mindful of this, and please use social media and private channels for posting inflammatory or sensitive material. If you spot any issues with content on this site, contact the admins.

#opendataday 2022