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Projects shared here must meet the Open Definition and have an appropriate open source or open data license. They also need to have been started or intensely developed in 2020. You may also highlight projects which you admire but did not work on yourself. Pure data sources can be listed if wrapped in an interactive Tool. If you are not sure how to add a project, or have any other questions, join the chat and contact us for help in the Town Square.

Let's showcase the open data community response to Covid-19, what we have learned and how open data causes have been impacted in early 2020! 🀞 During the beginning of the year, you took part in hackathons, worked on projects, helped to make data and analysis on the impact of the pandemic on life in this country more visible, collaborated on a range initiatives, and made a lasting impact. In the days to follow we are continuing to share critical advice and supportive action across a number of frontlines. Share your open projects, visualizations, analytics, and critical tools that need community support. The showcase was started at the Opendata.ch/2020 online conference. Together we can share knowledge and give each of them a boost πŸš€

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