Map the current technology-related public health research in Switzerland, and identify potential evidence gaps.

Mapping Digital Healthcare Research in Switzerland is a proposal by Julia Amann, Vasilis Nittas, Manuel Schneider, and Oleg Lavrovsky

Interest/value in the project for PH Schweiz

Everyone who works in digital health should be interested in the project, i.e. a wide community of interest. Primary audience (in terms of sounding board and feedback at an early stage) are members of the technologies group, plus other members of the association who have an interest and availability to respond to questions (i.e. get second opinions on the quality of the filters etc.). It is important to try to funnel the development support for the project, and widen the circle of involvement at every step of the roadmap.


The proposed study aims to scope the digital healthcare research landscape of Swiss Higher education institutions to

  1. Identify gaps in current research
  2. Propose research priorities
  3. Foster collaboration among Swiss and international actors

To achieve this aim, we seek to identify

  • PEOPLE: researchers in digital healthcare (incl. public and private partners)
  • PROJECTS: research projects in the field of digital healthcare
  • POPULATION/CONDITION: the population/condition under investigation
  • PUBLICATIONS/OUTPUT: publications/output resulting from projects
  • FOCI: the focus of the identified research projects

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