:sun_behind_rain_cloud: :switzerland: Meteo Swiss Integration for Home Assisant

This is currently the most active open source project on GitHub which uses MeteoSwiss data.



Home Assistant meteo swiss integration

:warning: :warning: :warning: Upgrade form 0.6 or earlier :warning: :warning: :warning:

This intergration have been fully rewrited !

Is no longer compatible with the old configuration.

Please remove old configuration before upgrade !

In home configuration go to weather section and remove all the configuration related to platform meteo-swiss

  - platform: meteo-swiss
    postcode: 1233

restart you home assistant and then upgrade to the new version and proccced with the configuration part


Data from meteo swiss official website

The forecast is extracted from the meteo swiss website

Current conditions are from official data files.



  • Got to home assistant configuration :

enter image description here

  • Then click on "integrations":

enter image description here

  • Than add a new integration

enter image description here

  • Search for "meteo-swiss"

enter image description here

  • By default the integration will try to determine the best settings for you based on you location:

enter image description here

If you are not happy with the settings you can update the settings

Meteo Swiss weather station code. This code can be found in : https://data.geo.admin.ch/ch.meteoschweiz.messwerte-aktuell/info/VQHA80_en.txt\


In case of problem with the integration

Please open an issue on github with the logs in debug mode.

You need to activate componenent debug log by adding "custom_components.meteo-swiss: debug" to your configuration.yaml

default: warning
hamsclient.client: debug
custom_components.meteo-swiss: debug


This integration use :

https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org for geolocaliation if you don't set you post code

https://data.geo.admin.ch/ for current weather conditions

https://www.meteosuisse.admin.ch for forecast

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