Covid19 teststation works doctors appointment booking

Covid19 Teststation appointments booking app

An appointment booking app, currently designed for works doctors from official institutes.

Developed for LMU Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine by Mayflower GmbH

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Quickstart with docker-compose

  1. start the docker-compose environment docker-compose up --build -d
  2. get a shell in the termine service docker-compose exec termine /bin/bash
  3. create a admin user hug -f -c add_user admin -r admin
  4. add appointments to your system hug -f -c create_appointments -y 2021 DAY MONTH replace DAY with the two digit day of the month and MONTH with the two digit month

Now browse the app with your browser at http://localhost:8000/

(HINT) To persist the postgres database create a directory add follow lines to the postgres service: volumes: - ./postgres-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data

Configuration of running instance

Environment Variables to setup the Backend Server

Setup The Database

  1. Set with multiple Environment variables
    • DB_USERNAME => The usename to connect the database server
    • DB_PASSWORD => The password to connect the database server
    • DB_PORT => the port of the database (Default: '5432')
    • DB_HOST => The hostname of the database server (Default: 'localhost')
    • DB_DATABASE => The database to store the tables (Default: 'termine')
  2. Set with one url variable
    • DB_URL => The url to connect the database (Default: 'postgresql://postgres:example@localhost:5432/termine')

Setup behaviour of the Application

  • CLAIMTIMEOUTMIN => Setup the timeout of claims for appointments (how long the slot is blocked after click in the bottom) (Default 5min)
  • DISPLAYSLOTSCOUNT => Maximal displayed slot counts (Default 150)
  • TERMINETIMEZONE => Timezone of the Station (Default: 'Europe/Berlin')
  • DISABLE_AUTH => Set to 'true' to allow anybody to get a appointment. Without to Login/Auth (Default: 'False') With this settings to 'true' you need only admin user! Doctor user are useless!

To generate or update the frontend configuration for the client (required for frontends)

cd termine-be
pipenv install
pipenv shell
hug -f -c set_frontend_config \
  --instance_name STRING \
  --long_instance_name STRING \
  --contact_info_bookings EMAIL|PHONE \
  [--contact_info_appointments EMAIL|PHONE]
  [--form_fields STRING]
  • instance_name is the short form of
  • long_instance_name that is shown in the header of the frontends
  • contact_info_bookings might be an email or phone number, and is shown when the number of possible bookings is depleted.
  • contact_info_appointments might be an email or phone number, if left out takes the value of contact_info_bookings, and is shown when there are no free slots left to book appointments for.
  • form_fields comma separated list of form fields to be displayed in the appointment selector. possible values are "base,address,dayOfBirth,reason"

Current dev setup

Start the database container

docker run -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=example -e POSTGRES_DB=termine -p5432:5432 postgres:11

If you develop on the python server part

to make the python server pick up and serve the frontends at localhost:8000

## Update / Change translation strings
The translation sources are in the follow folders:
 * termine-fe/src/locales/de/messages.json
 * termine-fe/src/locales/en/messages.json

After change in the translation source you need to compile the changes to be applied to the used javascript code.
cd termine-fe
yarn run compile-i18n

Update list of test reasons

Add your reasons to termine-fe/src/config/reasons.json. These are what is written in the database and printed in the excel.

If you want the test reasons to be translated, add the entries to:

termine-fe/src/locales/de/messages.json and


and then follow the section above

works doctor facing at localhost:8000/

cd termine-fe yarn install yarn run compile-i18n yarn build

admin facing at localhost:8000/admin

cd termine-bo yarn install yarn run compile-i18n yarn build

### Prepare your python environment and start the hug server
cd termine-be
pipenv install
pipenv shell
hug -f -c init_db --for_real
hug -f -c add_user --u user [--role admin]
hug -f -c create_appointments $(date +"%-d %-m")
hug -f

If you develop on the frontend part

To have the webpack dev server serve the project at localhost:3000

# works doctor facing at localhost:3000/
cd termine-fe
yarn install
yarn start

# admin facing at localhost:3001/
cd termine-bo
yarn install
yarn start

Stay safe!

LMU Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine Mayflower GmbH

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