Concept showcase for "Appointment Scheduling System for Small and Medium-Sized Medical Facilities"

Medical Appointment Scheduling

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Concept showcase for "Design of a Web-Based Appointment Scheduling System for Small and Medium-Sized Medical Facilities".

Live showcase

An up-to-date snapshot of this repository is always available on Heroku.

Due to the limitations of Heroku's free dynos and database service, it might take a while for the application to load initially. Also, there is a 10k row limit for free databases. Sometimes you might have to wipe test data other users created before being able to add new content. Test data can be inserted and deleted using the app-bar menu in the upper right corner.

How to deploy

This application can be easily deployed to Heroku. tbd

How to run locally

After checkout, run: $ npm install $ npm start This requires node >=4 together with npm to be installed. This repository doesn't contain any backend, you need to have an instance of medical-appointment-scheduling-server running.


Prepared for internationalization. The application is currently available in English and German. Translations are managed on in a publicly available project. The locale will be determined based on the user's browser settings and persisted to local storage. The logic can be found here.


Both unit and end-to-end tests do exist for most parts of the application.

Unit tests

$ npm run test

End-to-end tests

Make sure you have a running instance in another terminal before running end-to-end tests. $ npm run e2e

Code style

Code quality is ensured by tslint with codelyzer for Angular 2 specific linting.

Technology stack

Core technologies

Bundling and packaging


Code style





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