Deployment statistics of the SwissCovid app

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Collects the total number of daily active SwissCovid app users, originating from the Swiss Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT) and published by the Federal Office of Statistics at

With the release of the public app on June 25, 2020, data can be analysed based on the infrastructure of app-based proximity tracing. For this purpose, the FSO will publish the number of active SwissCovid apps per day from 26 June 2020 in a first step. This number will provide information on the extent to which the SwissCovid app is used by the population in everyday life.

This scraper was needed because the website where the data is currently published does not provide a CSV download option.

The legal status of the data publication is unclear, see BFS Legal Terms and do not assume that this can be used for commercial or other purposes.

See a possible visualization of this data at Datawrapper, and find some more background about the app at

This is a scraper that runs on Morph:

To write your own, see the documentation.

The code of this scraper is licensed under CC0 Public Domain Dedication

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