Border crossings

Polish community is preparing a map/service that is intended to help Ukrainian refugees (100 000 refugees crossed border with Poland so far, millions are expected, current reported rate is 47 500 people each day*). Site is for now just in the initial states of creation, soon background tiles should be switched to prefer display of Ukrainian names if present. So far only reception points are marked, there are plans for more. Site is at

How one may help


  • mapping Eastern Poland (OSM quality is relatively good in Poland but even roads are sometimes missing)
  • remember to use as the primary imagery and for aligning objects
  • mapping name:uk where missing (though that may be better left for people who know language)


Help welcome!

If you want to contact feel free to join (and use English there)

More ideas will likely appear soon. Sorry that things are a bit chaotic.

[1] [2]

(forwarding info from Polish OSM community)

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