Support the open database of sanctions targets and persons of interest

OpenSanctions lets investigators find leads, helps companies manage risk and enables technologists to build data-driven products. You can find out about this project and search the data at There are instructions here for contributing a data source.


While issues of energy independence have the dominant political focus, let us consider the role that fiscal transparency could play in the longer-term repairing of ties. This project is to discuss a certification for companies based on company registries linked to sanctions data, or suggesting other relevant data commitments like open procurement, that may lead to peaceful economic relations.

Our focus could be on helping to track sanctions and impacts, as well as to brainstorm digital instruments (certification, transparency measures, ..) to preserve or rebuild relations with overseas partners in the wake of official or self-imposed sanctions.


“We justify our conduct; we judge the conduct of others.”—Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust Wars. Track the costs, impacts and consequences of sanctions as an economic and political response to aggression.

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