Data Literacy

Open Education Hackdays / Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz

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At the Open Education Hackdays we worked on a learning concept that helps students to grasp and work with their own data in a safe and accessible way. It is an instrument to also teach about connecting to and contributing to sources of open data: the basis for a "short and fun" data literacy module, which allows students to 1) gather first experiences with data as well as 2) get a more concrete understand of data and its role in today's society. This could be used in a school activity, the school curriculum, or within the wider community.

We have a working prototype of an application that aggregates your Internet usage patterns (currently the Mozilla Firefox browser history), uses open data sources to analyse potential safety risks, presents a readable report as well as a Data Package that can be used to contribute to future community initiatives and research projects. The main application is written in Python, with report generation in JavaScript using Bootstrap and Vega-Lite.

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