Receipt 2 Nutrition

We are a team of ETH researchers that want to fight diet-related diseases with automatically collected, existing data!

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Receipt2Nutrition: Nutri-Score from your Cumulus & Supercard

  • Problem: Diet is a major modifiable risk factor for chronic diseases. Chronic diseases cause more than 70% of deaths worldwide and 85% of deaths in Europe, resulting in 80% of healthcare spending in Switzerland (WHO 2016, FDHA 2018).
  • Solution approach: Diet monitoring and nutrition intervention can counteract these alarmingly increasing figures. Digital receipts automatically captured through loyalty cards enclose relevant information that can help understand dietary patterns and behaviors and offer personalized self-monitoring on the individual-level.
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  • Framework:Switzerland offers a quite unique setup: the loyalty programs offered by Coop and Migros, the two main grocery stores, reach more than 3 million of households each, and 80% of the retail revenues are associated to loyalty cards.
  • Purpose:The aim of this project is to develop a machine-learning model that reliably predicts an individual user’s dietary pattern from their automatically captured receipts.
  • Application: Similar to “Cumulus Green” of Migros, better understanding of users’ diets and personalized feedbacks are intended to increase awareness and to facilitate nutrition interventions and monitoring.

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