Automatic Comment Approval

To have a conversation/discussion on the website the exchange posts an responses need to appear immediatly

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Business Challenge:

- Today comments have to be moderated by a journalist. but moderating comments is costly, time-consuming and not really fun.

- If comments take a long time to be approved, there can be no lively discussion.

- Users are often frustrated because they want to say something now.

Advantages Automatic system:

- Cost and time saving

- Easier interaction with the system for the user

- More comments → More lively page

- Already good training material available (90k comments)


- With the help of an open source library (FastText) an AI can be trained for any language to approve comments.

- The so-called accuracy of 80% for a training with 20k approved or 5k rejected comments shows that the system already can be.

- We can also use a threshold where only comments can be locked when the system is 99% secure.

  • Source: see SYNC-Field
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