Vivid conversation

What's needed to have a more vivid conversation on SWI-Website?

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Automatic Comment approval

Automatic Translation

- Users do not see if an article is already has been commented on, if the comment is in is written in another language

- enable Cross-linguistic discussions

- Bringing the international community together

- Easier overview of perception of the Articles in each language/culture


- Pick up language silos

- Greater user participation

Comment Highlighting

- Successful idea "Adapt Mark-to-Comment"

- Allow users to create and edit in their Comments Reference to text passages on take.

- Especially interesting for power users


- Users are already informed in the article that comments are available

- discussions are easier to follow

Easy Signup

- On the one hand: Significantly increase the reward for a signup and communicate

- On the other hand: significantly reduce the effort for a signup

- Social Login (SSO possibilities) of the Top Social Networks


- More registered users

- Better personalization

- Simple administration

- A community with active, registered users is better than an anonymous bulletin board

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