Auswirkungen auf Luftqualität

Sieht man in der Schadstoffbelastung (NOX etc) Auswirkungen der Covid19-Epidemie?

Impacts on air quality

Do we see effects of the Covid19 epidemic on air pollution (NOX etc)?

⚙ Repository ✍️ Observations notebook Initial analysis ►Presentation

Air quality measurements of the city of Zurich
- hourly values (
- daily values (
- Monthly updated time series since 1983 (

Air quality measurements by OSTLUFT (air quality monitoring of the cantons of Eastern Switzerland)
- NOx-Values from 8 air quality stations in eastern Switzerland (year 2020, hourly update): (metadata: , values are in ppb. Conversion factor for NO2 ppb -> µg/m³ : 1.91)

rOstluft: Tools for handling air quality data by OSTLUFT
- r-package:
- predefined stores:
- tutorial:

openair: open source tools for air quality data analysis

Meteorological data from the weather station of the Zurich water police

Quality checks from Open Data Zurich:

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